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Why Do So Many Contract Disputes Occur?

Why Do So Many Contract Disputes Occur? Observations from Gallian Firm’s Contract Dispute Lawyers

Business agreements are the foundation of economic growth and are fundamental to running nearly every type of business.  Parties nearly always enter agreements with good intentions, and plan for smooth transactions and harmony among all parties to the agreement.

Despite these best intentions, contract disputes do arise, more frequently than anyone would like. These disputes lead to financial losses for one or more parties to the agreement and legal complications.

At Gallian Firm, our experienced Dallas contract dispute attorneys routinely see cases where conflicts could have been avoided prior to arriving at litigation.  Our attorneys offer our clients guidance and foresight in the formation of contracts as well as aggressively and skillfully protecting the interests of parties who come to us for help when things have gone sour.

In this blog, we’ll delve into five common reasons why contract disputes occur and highlight the importance of seeking legal counsel from our business attorneys at Gallian Firm to mitigate such risks.  But let’s look closer at five reasons why disputes occur:

Unclear, Ambiguous Terms and Conditions in the Contract

Poorly worded, unclear, ambiguous or badly defined terms and conditions are one of the most common reasons why contract disputes occur.  

Often, in the rush to finalize agreements, important details can be overlooked or left too broad for a clear, well-defined interpretation. Ambiguity creates confusion and often leads to disagreement as circumstances change.  The end result?  Discord and disputes that lead to one or more parties seeking assistance from contract dispute lawyers in Dallas like our attorneys at Gallian Firm. 

Lack of clarity is common in nearly all types of agreements that end in dispute, such as partnership agreements, service contracts, and employment agreements.  These types of contracts are particularly susceptible to a lack of clarity or unclear contract terms.

Parties Don’t Do What They Agreed to—a.k.a. Breach of Contract

When one party fails to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the agreement, a breach of contract occurs. Breaches can manifest in various forms, including missed deadlines, subpar deliverables, or outright non-payment.

If you are on the wrong side of a breach of contract situation, it’s a very good idea to call and consult our contract dispute attorneys in Dallas to assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action. Our consultation is confidential and free, so there is no risk to you.

Our lawyers see breach of contract disputes in every area of contracts, but breach disputes frequently occur in construction contracts, sales contracts, and lease agreements.

Misrepresentation or Fraud

Unfortunately, some contract disputes arise from allegations that one or more parties were engaging in fraud or misrepresentation during the negotiation, formation, or execution of the contract or agreement.

Parties may make false statements, conceal important information that would impact the decision to enter into an agreement, or impact the terms of the agreement.  Some parties lie or deceive to try to secure an unfair advantage or benefit. 


Reaching out to a respected civil litigation firm like Gallian Firm is critical if you find your rights and interests compromised by such claims.  On the other side, we will help if your business is confronted with such allegations—we protect your interests no matter the grounds for the attack.

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Changes in Circumstances or “Scope Creep”

The environment in which business occurs is dynamic, and circumstances may change after you enter into a contract.  The fluid nature of business environments can lead to disagreements regarding the scope of work, pricing adjustments, or modifications to contractual terms.

This is a very common reason why disputes arise.   Contracts formed without legal oversight or terms for addressing such changes can lead to parties finding themselves at odds.  What is a good remedy?  

Reaching out to skilled, experienced contract dispute lawyers in Dallas to navigate the complexities and help reach a resolution that protects your interests, ideally avoiding costly litigation.  Many contracts prone to scope creep disputes could have been drafted differently and taken into account potential changes in scope, terms, or pricing.  Our lawyers see “scope creep” in many software or technology development agreements, consulting agreements, and supply agreements.

Overlooking or Non-Compliance with Legal Requirements

All contracts in Texas or elsewhere must adhere to applicable laws and regulations governing the relevant industry or jurisdiction. If the parties fail to comply with these legal requirements, the agreement can be rendered void or unenforceable, triggering disputes and potential litigation. The consequences of a failure to follow the law can be disastrous.

Whether it’s regulatory compliance issues, licensing requirements, or statutory obligations, partnering with experienced contract attorneys in Dallas at the outset of contract formation can help mitigate legal risks and ensure that your contracts are legally sound.  If you are forming an agreement and know the stakes are high for you and your business, It is never too soon to call us for guidance and counsel.

Why Choose Gallian Firm as Your Contract Attorneys?

Putting together an agreement that represents your business’s best interests, helping to resolve and clarify terms when things get rocky, and navigating contract disputes—all critical parts of becoming a successful company, requires a comprehensive understanding of contract law. If things go bad and litigation is necessary, you will need a business attorney who is experienced and skilled in civil litigation. 

At Gallian Firm, we offer unparalleled skill in handling a wide range of contract disputes, backed by years of experience representing clients in Dallas and beyond. From reviewing initial contracts and negotiating terms to advocating for our client’s interests in court, we provide tailored solutions to protect your business interests and financial well-being.

Don’t let contract disputes derail your business objectives. If you find yourself embroiled in a contractual conflict or seek proactive legal guidance to prevent disputes, contact Gallian Firm at (214) 432-8860 to schedule a consultation with our dedicated team of contract dispute attorneys in Dallas. 

If you are forming an agreement and want someone to make sure you are properly protecting your company’s interests, contact us.  With a proactive approach to contract formation, we can help you save time and money, help protect the interests of all parties involved, and avoid the types of reasons for conflict that we outlined above.  Reach out and contact us, we are here to help. 


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