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The award-winning managing civil litigation attorneys at Gallian Firm are here to protect your business and your family.  Our experienced civil litigation lawyers understand that each claim represents a threat to what you have built through your hard work, expense, and effort, and that hiring the wrong attorney could cost you everything. 

There is no case that Gallian Firm considers too complex or too difficult. Some of the areas we handle are listed below and include business and commercial disputes, premises liability, litigation and dispute resolution, products liability, and labor and employment issues. 


Contact us today for a free case review and consultation. Even if you have hired another attorney in Dallas, call us to see what we are about and how we can help.  We are here to protect your interests.

Civil Litigation AREAS OF PRACTICE


Gallian Firm gets results for our business clients.  We won’t back down from a fight, but if negotiation and non-aggressive dispute resolution will serve our clients objectives, we go right to work.  Experienced problem-solvers who make the protection of our client interests our only priority.  Click here to learn more if you have a business or commercial dispute. 

Don’t waste time with a law firm that doesn’t put your interest first, or has no experience in a courtroom.  The best advocacy, no matter how complex the situation.  Click to learn more about our litigation and dispute resolution services. 

Gallian Firm has extensive experience across the spectrum of employment and labor matters, including any type of issues relating to termination or hiring of employees, labor negotiations, advising on employment law implications of various transactions, or litigation in State or Federal Court.   Click here to learn more if you have a labor issue and need some counsel. 

Is someone coming after you for an injury that happened (or didn’t) on your property, or a property you occupy? Are you facing a frivolous claim?  If you are facing a premises liability claim for compensation or any type of property claim, contact us immediately for a free consultation

Are you a product manufacturer, distributor, retailer, wholesaler, or refurbishers?  Are you facing a claim for products liability related to a product in which you are accused of being responsible for harm?  Don’t let yourself become a victim!  Contact us at Gallian Firm for a free product liability defense consultation today!


If you are being accused or facing a claim where someone is trying to get compensation by claiming you are responsible for harm related to exposure to a dangerous substance, condition, or dangerous product, call Gallian Firm’s lawyers today.  It takes an experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive lawyer to protect your interests.   Click here to learn more as to how to protect yourself against a “toxic tort” claim. .  


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