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Have you been arrested for burglary in Dallas and need a burglary lawyer to review your case?  There are severe penalties if you are convicted of burglary in Texas and it is best to consult with a top burglary attorney as soon as possible.  As Dallas crime statistics reveal, burglary is a very common crime in Dallas and prosecutors don’t hesitate to go after burglary suspects with their full force and might.

Contact Gallian Firm today  to speak with the top burglary attorneys in Dallas.  We will provide you with a free consultation and a free case review.  Don’t let your rights be taken away by talking to the wrong lawyer.  Gallian Firm defense attorneys have a track record of success, will aggressively defend you, and always keep your best interest as his only interest.

At Gallian  Firm, we are dedicated to only one thing—providing the best lawyers for burglary in Dallas and beyond. Let’s take a look at the subject of burglary in Dallas more closely with some questions and answers so you can become more informed on the subject.

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WHAT IS burglary?

Burglary is the unlawful entry into a structure, habitation, building, and/or vehicle with the intent to commit a crime. Unlawful entry is defined as entering the premises without consent from the owner of the property.Texas law defines burglary in three distinct ways:

  1. An individual enters a building with the intent of committing a felony, theft, and/or assault.
  2. An individual hides in a building with the intent of committing a felony, theft, and/or assault.
  3. An individual enters buildings and commits, or attempts to commit, a felony, theft, and/or assault.

An individual can also be charged with burglary if he/she breaks into a coin-operated machine or any vehicle.  Burglary defense lawyers can explain more of the intricacies of each circumstances when you consult with them.

WHAT ARE the laws on burglary IN TEXAS?

Texas has harsh stipulations for what constitutes burglary. Breaking inside a home or commercial building with the intent to commit a felony and/or an assault is grounds for a burglary charge.


Texas law is also different from other states because accusations of burglary are automatically brought before a grand jury. A good burglary defense lawyer can use this to your advantage. If a burglary attorney can convince the jury that you may be innocent, it is likely that you will be found not guilty in your case due to reasonable doubt

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE JAIL TIME SENTENCE IF convicted of burglary charges?

The average jail sentence for those convicted of burglary ranges anywhere from 5 to 10 years.  

Texas is home to some of the strictest laws in the nation. The amount of jail time that you face for burglary in Texas will depend on several factors, including previous criminal charges, and circumstances surrounding your case. At a minimum, you could face anywhere from 6 months to two years in jail.

You could be facing 20 years in state prison if you are convicted of breaking into a home with the intention of committing a crime.  Burglary lawyers can give you more specific details  about potential jail time and how to avoid prison,  given a particular set of circumstances.

WHAT ARE THE penalties for burglary OF A BUILDING IN TEXAS?

The penalties for burglary in Texas can range anywhere from a misdemeanor to serious felony charges. These penalties may include excessive fines and lengthy prison sentences. This will be determined by the unique circumstances surrounding your case.   If you consult with our experienced Dallas burglary attorneys, we can advise you of potential penalties–and defenses, for any charge against you.   Lawyers for burglary range in level of skill and experience, so be sure to contact the burglary defense attorneys at Gallian Firm as soon as you think you may be charged or have been charged!


There are a number of circumstances that affect the severity of the penalties you may face for burglary charges.  These include:

  • Previous Criminal Charges
  • Location of The Crime
  • Weapon Possession
  • Additional Charges (Assault, Intent)
  • Drug Possession

The additional charges in your case can also affect the severity of your penalties.  When you interview any lawyers for burglary that you may be considering, it is important to discuss the circumstances of your charges and the potential penalties as you 


  • Breaking and Entering
  • Assault
  • Criminal Trespassing

Penalties for burglary are serious and require an experienced and knowledgeable burglary  attorney to represent you in the courtroom.  Burglary lawyers who are not experienced should not be part of your considerations.

burglary of a vehicle

The burglary of a vehicle is a class A misdemeanor. This carries the penalty of a $4000 fine and a 1-year jail sentence.

Two or more previous offenses increase this charge to a felony offense. This conviction would result in a fine of up to $10,000 and 2 years in jail.

burglary defense attorneys

burglary of a home/habitation

Burglary of a habitation is a Texas-specific law that is especially tough compared to other states. It defines burglary of habitation as the unlawful entry into any structure that is intended to accommodate an individual overnight.

This Could Include:

  • A Primary Residence
  • A Secondary Home
  • A Commercial Building

You can be charged with burglary of habitation even if an actual theft does not occur. The key to these allegations is that the prosecution will require sufficient evidence that there was intent to commit a crime. 

Burglary of a home or habitation unlawfully is a serious felony charge. If convicted, penalties include a fine of up to 10,000 dollars and a prison sentence ranging from 2-20 years.  Ask your burglary lawyer about the details of any potential fine or sentence if you are charged with home burglary.

ALL burglary charges ARE SERIOUS

Many potential clients feel that their accusations do not warrant legal representation and forgo hiring burglary  lawyers. This is a grave mistake. All burglary charges are serious in the state of Texas and require the best burglary lawyer.

Even breaking into a coin-operated machine can carry serious repercussions that require legal representation. If you are convicted of breaking into a coin-operated machine you could be ordered to serve 1 year in jail and receive a fine of up to $4000.

Any degree of burglary is a serious accusation in Dallas. You deserve to have the best lawyers for burglary in Texas fighting for you against these charges. If you are facing burglary charges it is critical that you reach out to the burglary lawyers at Gallian Firm,  criminal defense attorneys who specialize in helping clients who are facing these serious allegations.


It is possible to be acquitted of burglary accusations and your charges dropped with the help of experienced burglary lawyers. It is important to hire a burglary defense attorney who knows their way around the specific burglary laws in Texas.

Burglary attorneys exist to create a solid criminal defense case and help their clients be acquitted of their charges. Burglary lawyers use their knowledge of Texas burglary law and experience to create reasonable doubt regarding the circumstances and evidence of your charges.

CAN THEY drop a burglary charge?

For a conviction, the prosecution will need to convince the jury that you unlawfully entered a home or building, and intended to commit a felony, theft, or assault crime.  Lawyers for burglary exist to fight these charges and “pick apart” the prosecution’s case. An individual’s intentions are difficult to prove. The prosecuting attorney will likely rely on circumstantial rather than concrete evidence.

Experienced burglary lawyers will use these facts to build a solid case and create doubt surrounding the circumstances of your case. The smallest amount of doubt created by your burglary attorney has the potential to cause the jury to side in your favor and have you acquitted of the burglary charges.  The section that follows presents strategies that an experienced burglary attorney uses to have these charges reduced or dismissed.


The following are strategies that an experienced criminal defense lawyer uses to have these charges reduced or dismissed.

Criminal Trespassing

If the prosecution can prove that you did enter the building and/property but cannot prove that there was intent to commit a crime, this is legally defined as criminal trespassing. This is a lesser misdemeanor charge.  Experienced burglary lawyers use this defense frequently.


If there was no weapon found at the scene, no argument occurred, and nothing of value was removed from the building, the client’s intent to commit a crime becomes very hard to prove.

Proof of Entering

The prosecution will have to prove that you physically entered the building or structure. It does not constitute burglary if there is no sufficient, concrete evidence that you entered the structure.

Reasonable Doubt

No jury wants to convict an innocent man or woman for a crime that they did not commit. The jury will not convict you if your burglary defense lawyer places  any reasonable doubt in their mind that a crime was committed.  Lawyers for burglary always look to cast doubt on the arguments made by the prosecution.  The attorneys at Gallian Firm are among the best criminal defense attorneys at attacking the prosecution’s case.

WHY IS GALLIAN FIRM THE BEST DALLAS burglary defense firm?

Any degree of burglary is a serious accusation in Dallas. You deserve to have the best lawyers for burglary in Texas fighting for you against these charges. If you are facing burglary charges it is critical that you reach out to burglary lawyers Gallian Firm.  They are relentless burglary lawyers who specialize in helping clients who are facing these serious allegations.

Our attorneys genuinely care about our clients . We want to keep them out of jail and with their families. We understand how detrimental a burglary conviction would be to you, your family, and future employment opportunities.  As burglary attorneys with years of success, we also know how to create a winning burglary defense for our clients.

Gallian Firm values family, which drives us to keep our clients out of jail and keep them leading productive and happy lives. Let us build your case, fight for you, and prove your innocence!

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