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If you are a looking for a fraud defense lawyer, it is essential to find someone who has experience, is aggressive in their defense of their clients, and who is a relentless and fierce force in the courtroom, should your case go to trial. 

Ideally, the best fraud defense attorney will work on your behalf to get charges dropped or reduced well before trial could even be a possibility.  Leaving one’s future to a jury is not the best option. 

Dallas fraud lawyers Gallian Firm have the best fraud lawyers you can find in Dallas.  Our Dallas fraud defense lawyers have successfully defended countless of clients against aggressive prosecutors. Gallian Firm has a national reputation as the fiercest fraud defense attorneys–advocates who no prosecutor wants to see walk into the courtroom.

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WHAT IS THE Definition of Fraud?

The basic definition of fraud is any action that intentionally deceives or misrepresents that is used to benefit yourself or someone else.  There are various types of fraud, and each type has a type of penalty or penalties associated with them.   Fraud laws in Texas are laid out in Title 7, Chapter 32 of the Texas Penal Code.


Some of the more common types of fraud include;


Bank fraud is defined as an attempt to, and/or the successful execution of any scheme to defraud a financial institution. These fraudulent activities may be conducted in an attempt to obtain money, funds, assets, securities, or other property of the bank.

Bank fraud is federal crime, that if convicted, could result in decades behind bars. These cases are complex and require an experienced bank fraud attorney in your corner.


Check fraud refers to any acts used to obtain money illegally by using paper or digital checks. This includes writing a bad check on your own account, forging a check in another person’s name, or creating a fake check. There are also other types of fraud one can be charged with while using checks.  If accused or charged with check fraud.


Credit card fraud is considered a type of theft, the act of fraudulent attainment and/or use of a credit/debit card.  This could involve numerous circumstances, including the use of an illegal card, creating counterfeit access devices, and/or use of another person’s credit card information.


Texa defines forgery as amending a “writing” with intent to defraud or harm another person. As Texas Penal Code, Title 7, Chapter 32 states, the writing can be any of the following things:

  • Any kind of printed or recorded information (including a signature)
  • Money, coins, tokens, stamps, seals, credit cards, badges and trademarks
  • Symbols of value, right, privilege or identification.

Forgery charges are very serious and if you have been charged, it is critical that you contact a fraud attorney like Gallian Firm to defend you against such charges.


If you are facing health care fraud charges, you are exposed to potential jail time and serious financial penalties.  Prosecutors will typically seek severe penalties whether at the state or federal level. Fraud attorney Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm is an experienced health care fraud defense lawyer.  Gallian Firm has handled some of the largest health care fraud cases in recent Texas history.  You will not find another fraud attorney more experienced than Gallian Firm.  Contact fraud lawyer Gregg Gallian for a free consultation as soon as possible.


Identify theft is defined in Texas Penal Code §32.51 as when“A person commits an offense if the person, with the intent to harm or defraud another, obtains, possesses, transfers, or uses an item of identifying information of another person without the other person’s consent.”


There are many types of government programs for which the federal government has begun to actively seek out those who may have defrauded the government loans. These include SBA LoansCOVID 19/Cares Act Loans, and PPP program loans and more.  A top fraud lawyer like Gregg Gallian is experienced and will aggressively defend you against fraud charges.


If you are facing mail fraud charges at the state or federal level, you are already under scrutiny from prosecutors who are going to seek extremely severe penalties. Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm is an experienced mail fraud defense lawyer who has successfully defending his clients in major mail fraud cases.  Before you go down the wrong path with an inexperienced defense attorney, contact Gallian Firm to get in touch with an award winning, experienced, aggressive firm who will defend you like none other.


Mortgage fraud and real estate fraud are defined under Texas Legal Code Chapter 27 Sec. 21.01. The majority of these cases are handled in the federal courtroom.  You will need to reach out to experienced federal fraud defense lawyer if you are facing allegations of mortgage or real estate fraud. Real estate fraud occurs when an individual (s) commits fraud in relation to the purchase or sale of a real estate property. These illegal activities could occur at any stage of the buying or selling process, including an appraisal, closing, or foreclosure proceedings. There are several different types of real estate or mortgage fraud and additional charges that an individual may face associated with these crimes. Examples of Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud Include:

  • Theft by False Pretenses
  • Rent Skimming
  • Straw Buyer Schemes
  • Predatory Lending
  • Illegal Property Flipping
  • Foreclosure Fraud (Title Transfer Schemes, Fraudulent Help Scams)

Many of these crimes are a subcategory of bank fraud. For example, an individual could face charges of real estate or mortgage fraud for intentionally deceiving a property owner or financial lender.  If you find yourself facing charges of mortgage fraud, contact Dallas fraud lawyer Gallian Firm today.


Wire fraud statutes are all very broad can get applied in many different types of federal and state investigations. Prosecutors love to “add on” wire fraud charges to other charges to increase the severity of penalties and raise the bar for defendants. At Gallian Firm, we have extensive experience in defending our clients who have been charged under federal wire fraud law.


The prosecution will need to prove beyond a doubt that you knowingly and willing committed fraud.  If accused of wire, mail, health care, government lending, or other fraud that is charged at the federal level under federal statute, your defense lawyer will need to create a solid defense strategy that causes reasonable doubt. Several strategies can be used that a Dallas fraud lawyer with experience will know how to use effectively, like innocent mistake, lack of intent, and more.  If you are charged with fraud, do not delay to get the best fraud defense attorney possible.

If you feel your lawyer is underperforming, isn’t aggressive enough, or isn’t returning your calls or keeping you informed, the fraud attorneys at Gallian Firm are your best option of who to call now.  Choose the best criminal defense lawyer,  who is experienced in the federal courtroom to beat charges of any type of fraud.  Gallian Firm are award winning, relentless fraud defense attorneys who have successfully handled hundreds of fraud cases. Check out some of their Google reviews, and even some specifics results on this website as you explore attorneys who are able to really win for you.  Gallian Firm gets results.   Reach out today for a free consultation and case evaluation.


If you’re facing fraud charges, it’s crucial to consult with the best Dallas fraud lawyer immediately. At Gallian Firm, we are experienced in fraud defense and can guide you through the legal process..  We will fight for you and provide a strategic, intelligent defense tailored to your case.  We have a long track record of successfully having fraud charges dropped or reduced for our clients.

Yes, Gallian Firm is a reputable Dallas fraud defense firm with extensive experience in handling a variety of fraud cases. Our skilled fraud defense attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of fraud charges and, as former prosecutors, we know how to fight and counteract all the tricks that the prosecution may come up with to try to convict you.

Gallian Firm stands out for its unwavering commitment to providing aggressive and effective defense strategies for clients facing fraud charges. Our team of experienced fraud defense lawyers in Dallas leverages our knowledge and skills to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for you.  Every decision we make is calculated and strategic and we are at your side every step of the way.

No,  we understand the stressful nature of being charged with fraud and the importance of an initial consultation when facing fraud charges to make sure you find the best fraud lawyer before hiring them. We offer a free confidential consultation and case review to discuss the details of your case, assess the potential defenses, and provide valuable legal advice.
Contacting a Dallas fraud lawyer at Gallian Firm is easy. You can reach us by phone at 214-432-8860 or by filling out the contact form on our website. We will respond and assist you promptly.
Gallian Firm specializes in a wide range of fraud charges, including but not limited to wire fraud, mail fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, and more. Our fraud defense attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of fraud laws and regulations.  If you are facing any type of fraud charge, we can handle it.
Absolutely. Our fraud defense lawyers are experienced in handling white-collar crime charges, including those related to fraud. We provide an aggressive and strategic defense for anyone facing white-collar fraud or criminal allegations.  We have defended these cases successfully for years.
It is crucial to contact a fraud defense attorney as soon as possible after being charged. If you believe you will be charged, you can contact us!  Time is of the essence in building a defense strategy tailored specifically to your situation and early intervention can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

During your initial consultation with Gallian Firm’s Dallas fraud lawyers,  you can expect a thorough, confidential discussion about the details of your case, potential legal defenses, and an assessment of your situation. We will listen to everything you have to say, and not judge you.  This consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know us and discuss your concerns.  We are here to help you.

Yes, Gallian Firm’s fraud defense lawyers are skilled negotiators with a track record of achieving favorable outcomes for clients. We explore all available legal options to seek reduced charges, dismissals, or favorable plea deals.
A strong defense against fraud charges involves a comprehensive understanding of the specific allegations, a meticulous examination of evidence, identification of legal defenses, and strategic advocacy. Gallian Firm excels in crafting defense strategies tailored to each case.  We do not provide “cookie cutter” strategies– each case is different and unique.
If you are facing fraud charges, it is crucial to call a fraud attorney immediately. Call us! Our number is (214) 432-8860.  Remember, our first consultation to assess the details of your case and determine the best course of action is free and confidential. You have nothing to lose.  If you have hired another attorney, you can still call us if you feel that you need to make a switch.

Absolutely!  It’s what we do! Gallian Firm’s fraud defense attorneys are experienced courtroom litigators prepared to vigorously represent you in court. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your case.  We fight for our clients like no other fraud defense firm, period.

Gallian Firm works with a team of skilled investigators, forensic experts, and legal professionals who work collaboratively to thoroughly investigate fraud allegations. Our resources and experience in getting any evidence that will help in the defense of our clients ensure a comprehensive defense strategy tailored to the specifics of each fraud defense.

Yes, at Gallian Firm, we prioritize confidentiality and professionalism. We understand the sensitive nature of fraud charges, the stress you may be facing, and ensure that all client information is handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism throughout the legal process.  As you are exploring your options, consider Gallian Firm as the #1 option to help protect your freedom and future.  Call us today if facing fraud charges in Dallas or beyond at (214) 432-8860.

Yes, at Gallian Firm, we prioritize confidentiality and professionalism. We understand the sensitive nature of fraud charges, the stress you may be facing, and ensure that all client information is handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism throughout the legal process.  As you are exploring your options, consider Gallian Firm as the #1 option to help protect your freedom and future.  Call us today if facing fraud charges in Dallas or beyond at (214) 432-8860.


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