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What to Do If You Violate Probation in Texas

What to Do If You Violate Probation in Texas

There are nearly half a million individuals across the State of Texas who are currently on probation or parole. Probation provides you with the opportunity to decrease or eliminate the length of your jail sentence following a criminal conviction.

Probation is,  in its purest form, a great program that helps many people maintain their freedom and begin to get a fresh start.  Unfortunately, being on probation can also be extremely frustrating. Complying with the terms of your probation can require frequent meetings, drug tests, and other limitations. There are many hoops to jump through, often some which may seem insurmountable.  One single mistake, even events which are beyond your control, and you could violate your probation.

Have you violated the grounds of your court-mandated probation requirements?

Probation violation is not grounds for immediate revocation, but you could be re-arrested if you fail to act promptly. Probation violation lawyers Gallian Firm are experts in helping folks on probation who are facing the revocation of their probation.  Hiring the wrong probation revocation attorney can lead to getting your probation revoked, when another, more experienced and qualified probation revocation lawyer would have addressed with the court or your probation officer and kept your probation active.  Gregg Gallian has successfully handled countless cases where his clients faced a potential revocation of their probation and resolved it favorably, even against unlikely odds.

The following information provides more background on what you must do to protect your freedom if you have violated probation.

Common Probation Violations

Compliance with probation can be very difficult.  You may be required to complete several programs, classes, or other activities to comply with your probation, while you are trying to maintain a job, be a parent or uphold family obligations, and otherwise get integrated into society.  For example, you could be required anger management classes, participate in group therapy, and/or complete a substance abuse program as mandated by your probation agreement.

Your probation agreement may also contain additional limitations that are unique to your case. For example, you may be required to comply with a restraining order if you are on probation for domestic violence.

There are several requirements that are prevalent in nearly all probation agreements.

Most Common Probation Violations:

  • Failure to Report (for General Meetings and/or Drug Tests)
  • Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Failure to Complete Mandated Classes/Programs
  • Failure to Maintain Employment
  • Traveling Outside the Designated County/State without Prior Approval
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What Happens After You Violate Your Probation?

There are several potential outcomes that occur as a result of violating your probation. Your next steps will determine which of these outcomes you experience.

Your Probation Terms Could Be Extended

The terms and limitations of your probation may be increased after a probation violation. For example, drug testing may be required more frequently after a violation for test failure occurs.

You Could Be Rearrested

You could be rearrested for violating your probation. Whether or not you are arrested will depend on the unique terms of your agreement, probation history, and the severity of the violation committed.

Your Probation Violation Could Be Dismissed

Your probation violation could be dismissed with the help of a probation violation defense attorney.

What to Do if You Have Violated Your Probation

There are several things that you must do if you have knowingly violated the terms of your probation. Complete the following steps in the order that they are listed to protect your right to a fair legal process.

1). Contact a Probation Violation Lawyer

Contact a probation violation lawyer immediately if you have violated the terms of your probation. An experienced lawyer may even be able to work with your probation officer and prosecutors to have your violation dismissed.

Secure legal representation immediately to allow a probation violation attorney can begin working on your case.

2). Get Affairs in Order

You will need to prepare yourself and your family for the unfortunate possibility that you may be arrested. Handle any pressing personal and professional affairs to prevent additional issues during an already high-stress time. 

Examples of preparations may include arranging for childcare, filing a leave of absence with your employer, etc.

3). Report to Your Probation Officer Immediately

Report to your probation officer immediately after completing the aforementioned steps. The legal system will be more lenient on an individual who reports to their probation officer as required.

You should report to your probation officer even in the event that you are going to fail a drug/alcohol test. The penalties for one violation are significantly less severe than the multiple violations that would occur otherwise. Failure to report can result in an immediate issuing of a warrant for your arrest.

Do not wait for an arrest warrant to be issued.

Failing to report to your probation officer could also result in the automatic revocation of your probation agreement. This could result in excessive penalties, including the reimplementation of your original jail sentence in its entirety.

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