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What to Do if You are Falsely Accused of Assault

What to Do if You are Falsely Accused of Assault

Are you facing false accusations of an assault? Mere allegations of an assault could result in serious criminal charges and a potential conviction. The fact that you are innocent does not matter in a court of law. The outcome of your case depends on whether the prosecution can convince the judge and/or jury that you are guilty.

False accusations of assault are more common than many people are aware. There are countless reasons why people accuse others of assault. Protect your legal rights by contacting an assault lawyer to fight back against these false accusations.

1.) Understand the Severity of Assault Charges

Assault is a serious and violent crime. You could face an assault conviction even if there is no evidence that proves an assault occurred. Assault also has the potential to be enhanced to serious felony level charges when certain additional factors exist.

Understanding the severity of these charges is critical for obtaining the best legal representation in your case. A conviction on an assault charge could be costly to both your personal and professional life and future. Click here to read more about what constitutes assault and the potential penalties you could face if convicted.

2.) Do Not Communicate w/the Accuser

assault charges

The best thing to do if you are facing accusations of assault is to remain calm and do not communicate with the accuser. This includes any form of communication, including via text, email, and on social media.

It can be tempting to reach out the individual who has made these false claims. However, it is in your best personal and legal interest to avoid all contact with this individual. Any forms of communication made out of frustration or anger could easily be utilized by the prosecution to obtain a conviction.

3.) Comply with Legal Processes

Comply with all legal processes, including court dates, protective orders, and/or other court mandated requirements. You are not required to speak with anyone regarding these allegations, including law enforcement, without your attorney present.

4.) Hire an Assault Attorney

Hiring an assault attorney is a crucial element in beating false allegations of assault. Some people falsely believe that they do not need an attorney if they did not commit a crime. In fact, there is no time when it is more important to seek experienced legal representation.

You do not want to be convicted and serve time behind bars for a crime that you did not commit. There are several things that an experienced assault lawyer can do if you are facing charges for a crime that you did not commit, including helping you gather evidence to prove your innocence.

How Can aN ASSAULT Attorney Help?

Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm is a defense attorney who is aggressive, relentless, and takes on the prosecution with passion and experience.  He has the ability, knowledge, and reputation that will benefit you tremendously in the courtroom.

Assault defense attorneys know and understand the complexities of assault accusations and the potential exposure false accusations can lead to for their clients. 

Assault defense lawyers will fight for you inside and outside of the courtroom.

The biggest benefit is the potential for your assault case to be reduced, dismissed, or dropped.

Your ASSAULT Lawyer WILL Fight for You

An experienced, aggressive defense attorney can question law enforcement, argue the prosecution, and create doubt surrounding your criminal allegations. These are critical elements in a successful defense case against false assault charges.

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