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Steps to Take if You Are Facing an Arrest Warrant

Do you live in Texas and are concerned that there may be an arrest warrant out for you? There
are several circumstances in which a judge may issue a warrant. You may be arrested at any time
after an arrest warrant is issued, including at home, work, school, or anywhere you may be.
Protect yourself by planning ahead if you believe that there may be a warrant for your arrest. In
the following informational article, we explore the steps you should take if you believe that there
may be an arrest warrant issued for you. Following this advice has the potential to protect your
legal rights and ensure the best possible outcome in the event that you are arrested on a warrant.

Texas Arrest Warrant Process

A Texas judge will generally issue a summons before issuing an arrest warrant for you. A summons is a request for you to appear in court. Failing to appear in court after being summoned is grounds for a warrant.

There are several circumstances in which a judge may issue a warrant for your arrest. These incidents are often unintentional.

Reasons that a Judge Issues an Arrest Warrant Include:

  • Unpaid Fines
  • Failing a Drug Test
  • Failure to Appear in Court
  • Missing an Appointment with a Probation/Parole Officer

An arrest warrant allows law enforcement to take you into custody. Law enforcement is required to adhere to several procedural requirements when making an arrest warrant.

Most importantly, officers are required to reveal that the arrest being made is in relation to an active warrant. For example, if you have warrant for a drug crime, the arrest warrant will need to pertain to this arrest.  If have a warrant and you are being arrested for fraud, the arrest warrant will need to be for this offense.  Gregg Gallian, an aggressive, award-wining defense lawyer can guide you through the process when you call for a free consultation.

Failure to abide by this requirement could result in case dismissal in court.

It is important to note that officers are not required to have a physical copy of an active warrant to make an arrest.

What Steps Should You Take If There is a Warrant For Your Arrest?

1.) Verify Warrant Status

The first thing that you need to do is to verify that there an active warrant for your arrest. Visit your local law enforcement website or state databases to check warrant status. Most websites provide access to a searchable database of active arrests. Continue to the next step if you cannot check warrant status online.

2.) Request a Leave or Paid-Time Off

If there is an arrest warrant out for you, you can protect your employment status by contacting the scheduling department at your employer as soon as possible. Schedule a leave or put in a request for paid time off for personal and/or legal reasons.  You are not obligated to provide additional information or discuss the nature of your leave.

3.) Contact a Top Criminal Defense Attorney

Securing a defense lawyer ahead of time will allow a criminal defense lawyer to begin building a solid case. Contact Gallian Firm before turning yourself in to law enforcement.  Gregg Gallian is an aggressive, experienced defense attorney who understands the ins and outs of arrest warrants and will begin protecting your rights the moment he is retained. It is important that you send Gallian Firm any related documentation or evidence that may be related to the arrest warrant.

4.) Go to the Police Station and Turn Yourself In

It may seem counter-intuitive to go to the police station, but this is always a good decision if there is a warrant out for your arrest. If you have already contacted Gregg Gallian, he will walk you step-by-step through this process so you make no move that it not in protection of your rights.  Turn yourself over to law enforcement by going to your local police station. Any judge is likely to respect this decision and it will increase the likelihood of a positive case outcome.

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Contact Gallian Firm immediately if you believe that there may be a warrant for your arrest. The sooner you reach out to a criminal defense attorney, the sooner that you can begin the process of building a solid defense case.  You can also call  214.432.8860.


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