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The Major Benefits of Expunging Your Record When Looking for a Job in Texas

The Major Benefits of Expunging Your Record When Looking for a Job in Texas

The word expunction means to “erase or remove completely” and expunging your record means to erase the evidence of your past criminal conviction from Texas state or federal criminal records. As the American Bar Association states about expunction of your record , “an expunction order directs the court to treat the criminal conviction as if it had never occurred, essentially removing it from a defendant’s criminal record as well as, ideally, the public record.”

You Can Try Expunction Alone, But It Isn’t Advisable Without the Help of a Defense Lawyer

If you have a criminal conviction in your past and have tried to get employment, credit, or loans, or have needed a background check for any reason, you know the major benefits of expunging your criminal record, but it is not something that you should try without the assistance of an excellent expunction lawyer.

Contact Expunction Lawyer Gallian Firm for Expunging Your Record

Gallian Firm has worked successfully with countless clients over the years on expunctions.  Gregg Gallian, as the managing attorney of Gallian Firm, gets professional gratification from each client he can get an expunction for and takes it upon himself to make sure every candidate who is qualified gets the best chance for expunging their record to formally erase the record of their criminal past.

What Are the Big Benefits of Expunging Your Record?

There are a number of major benefits of expungement, which we briefly referred to above, but they include:

  • Getting a Job/Employment
  • Loan Eligibility/Getting Credit
  • Housing
  • Social Stigma and Finally Letting Go of the Past

In this blog, we explore the specific details about expunction as it relates to getting a job in Texas.

Expunging Your Record Can Help You in Getting a Job in Texas

We live in an extremely competitive job market. If you have ever filled out a job application, you may find hundreds of others have filled out an application for the same position.  Perhaps among the most obvious benefits of an expunction is that a criminal conviction will not show up on a background check by a potential employer.

Under Texas law, if a job pays less than $75,000, if your criminal conviction is more than 7 years old, it cannot be included in a consumer report.  If the job pays over $75,000, the 7-year rule does not apply in certain positions, many pertaining to public safety. 

criminal record expungement

Denying Criminal Convictions During Background Checks in Texas

If you have had an expunction, you are allowed in Texas to deny any criminal arrests or convictions.  This is a huge advantage of an expunction, as well as the simple fact that once an expunction has been approved, the criminal arrest or conviction will not show up on a background or consumer check and you will be judged for the job on your merits, not on a past mistake you have to explain away or try to minimize.  We all know that a potential employer seeing a criminal conviction might eliminate your chances to get the job you want, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest or conviction. An expunction takes care of this.

Contact Gallian Firm to See if You Are Eligible for an Expunction in Texas

Many crimes are eligible for expunction in Texas.  Most people don’t know this but all crimes for which you are found not guilty by a jury or judge, acquitted by a trial court, or dismissed without probation are expunction-eligible.   There are a number of other circumstances that qualify for expunction which are addressed in a blog “Types of Crimes that Can Be Expunged in Texas.”

Some expunction cases are more complex than others and a top expunction lawyer like Gregg Gallian is your best choice to tell you whether you are eligible and work aggressively to p get your criminal past erased.

Gregg Gallian has years of experience helping Texans clear their criminal records and get the fair, clean playing field they deserve.  Every one of us makes mistakes.  No one is perfect.  Don’t continue to suffer for a mistake made in the past. Call Gregg Gallian today at (214) 432-8860 or find out more online here.


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