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Everything that You Need to Know About Assault Impeding Breath Charges

Everything that You Need to Know About Assault Impeding Breath Charges

Are you facing family assault impeding breath charges in Texas? Facing allegations of assault can be a terrifying experience. A conviction on charges of aggravated family violence could result in serious penalties, including up to 10 years behind bars. The aftermath of these crimes could also have devastating effects on your future personal and professional opportunities.

Assault impeding breath is an enhanced version of assault family violence, also commonly referred to as domestic violence. Texas has developed a legal code related to family violence or domestic violence charges that defines the family unit broadly, including non-relatives who reside in the home.

Winning or reducing assault impeding breath charges will require an experienced, aggressive, and reliable criminal defense lawyer. The following informative article will tell you everything that you need to know about assault impeding breath charges in Texas.

How to Confirm Charges of Assault Impeding Breath

Assault impeding breath is often abbreviated on legal documents in several different ways. Oftentimes, these legal codes used to list criminal charges can be confusing and unclear. Consider the following if you believe that you may be facing allegations of assault impeding breath.

Were you accused of choking the alleged victim?

Were you accused of placing your hands, body weight, or another body part on the victim in a way that could have restricted breathing or circulation?

If any of these allegations are applicable in your case, then it is likely that you are facing charges of impeding breath or circulation.

Common Codes for Assault Family Violence Impeding Breath May Include:

assault impeding breath lawyer

Check your arrest paperwork for details regarding the specific charges that you are facing.  Your assault impeding breath lawyer can also help you with the understanding of the charges against you.

Family Violence and Impeding Breath in Texas

Texas law enforcement officers respond to reports of family violence very often. In most cases, men are significantly more likely to be arrested on domestic violence charges during these interactions with law enforcement.

Domestic violence charges are taken especially seriously in the State of Texas. Assault impeding breathing is an aggravated version of these charges and a 3rd-degree felony offense.

A conviction on these charges carries a sentence of up to 10 years in a state prison. You could also face numerous long-term penalties, including damages to your reputation, child custody battles, and/or employment issues.

Legal Representation is Critical in Cases of Assault Impeding Breathing

Hiring an outstanding assault impeding breath lawyer is critical when charges of assault impeding breathing are made and the accused doesn’t know where to turn. Failure to hire adequate legal representation significantly increases the likelihood of a conviction and harsh sentencing.

An experienced legal professional will work hard to investigate the important elements of your case, including hospital records, police reports, photo/video content, etc. Your lawyer will then use this information to build a strong and effective case to defend you in a court of law.

Do not face allegations of domestic violence on your own. Protect your legal rights by taking the opportunity to tell your side of the story. Contact Gallian Firm today at 1-214-432-8860 if you are facing allegations of assault impeding breath or another form of criminal assault. Award winning defense attorneys Gallian Firm will work harder and more aggressively than any other lawyer in Dallas to help you beat these assault impeding breath charges and maintain your freedom.

An attorney who specializes in DWI defense cases has the ability, knowledge, and reputation that can benefit you tremendously in the courtroom.


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