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Can an Expungement Lawyer Get Any Crime Off My Record?

Texas laws allows public access to criminal records, including arrests, charges, convictions, and penalties, for many years after a crime was committed.

These past crimes have the ability to damage many aspects in life, professional and personal. An expunction and non-disclosure lawyer can have these records sealed and/or erased entirely.

Many people wonder if an expungement lawyer can get any and all crimes removed from their criminal records.

The following information provides all the information that Dallas and surrounding residents need to know about expungement and non-disclosure orders. This includes which crimes can and cannot be sealed, benefits of having a clean a record, and how to get started.

Clean Criminal Records Provide a Fresh Start

crime off my record

Expungements and non-disclosure orders can potentially have past charges removed or sealed from public records. An expungement is equivalent to the crime having never been committed. All information involved in the criminal conviction are erased, including arrest records, incarceration, and other related data.

Non-disclosures seal all records of a crime from the public, eliminating the previous obligation of disclosing potentially damaging information.

Click here to read more about expunction and non-disclosures, including the differences between these procedures.

Offenses are Eligible, Entitled, or Exempt

There is a difference in whether an offender is eligible or entitled to an expunction or disclosure.

Circumstances of Entitlement Include:

Entitlement means that the judge is required to consent to approval in the event that an attorney files for expunction.

Exemptions for Expunction

There are crimes that Texas law does not allow to be disclosed from the public.

Exemptions Include:

There is an exception this rule. An offender who completes the Veterans Reemployment program may be eligible to apply for a non-disclosure, regardless of the severity of their past crimes.

Eligible for Applying for Non-Disclosure

Past crimes that do not fall into the entitled or prohibited lists likely qualify as eligible for sealing. This is means that an expunction lawyer would need to apply and convince the judge that an individual is worthy of having these crimes sealed or erased.

Waiting Period for Sealing or Erasing Records

There is an amount of time that is required to pass before you are eligible to have your criminal record sealed or erased. The amount of time required depends on the severity of the criminal conviction.

All eligible felony convictions require that Texas residents wait three years before they are permitted to apply.

Class A and B Misdemeanors require a waiting period of 1-2 years before eligible.

Any lesser crimes require offenders to wait for a period of only 180 days.

How to Get an Expungement or Non-Disclosure Lawyer

You will need to contact a lawyer who handles expunction and non-disclosure petitions to begin the process of erasing or sealing your criminal record. An expunction and non-disclosure lawyer in criminal law has the in-depth knowledge required to handle these complex cases.

Gregg Gallian Dallas Expunction Lawyer

If you are in the Dallas, Texas, or surrounding areas, Gallian Firm can help you get an expunction or non-disclosure. Gallian Firm strongly believes that everyone deserves a chance at a successful future and that the first step to this is a clean criminal record.

Contact Gregg Gallian and schedule a consultation to discuss your case. At this time, he will review your criminal record, including arrest(s), probation status, and other relevant information to determine if you are eligible. If so, Gregg Gallian will then file to have your charges erased or sealed.

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