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An Historical Overview of Texas Gun Laws

An Historical Overview of Texas Gun Laws

Texas has long been known for its relaxed attitude towards gun ownership, but the state has also had a long and complex history of gun laws. From early restrictions on who could own guns to more modern laws that limit who can carry a gun, Texas has seen some significant changes in gun law over the centuries. In this blog, we will take a look at the history of gun laws in Texas, so you can better understand the current state of gun law in the state.

The Early History of Gun Law in Texas

Texas was once part of Mexico, and the earliest gun laws in the region were largely based on those of Mexico. Under Mexican law, only members of the military were permitted to possess firearms. Although Texas became part of the United States in 1845, prior to this time many of the gun laws that applied in the “Republic of Texas” adopted and enforced many of the same gun laws that historically existed in Mexican law.

In 1845, when Texas became part of the United States, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution became the prevailing law of the land. This amendment granted American citizens the right to bear arms, and this right was later enshrined in the Constitution of the State of Texas as well.

The first significant legislation in Texas regarding gun laws was passed in 1871. This law made it illegal to carry a concealed weapon, a practice that had been common for years prior. The law also prohibited the sale of firearms to minors and limited the types of ammunition that could be used. This legislation was followed by the Firearms Act of 1895, which set the age limit for gun ownership at 21 and further restricted the sale of firearms to minors.

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The 20th Century and Modern Texas Gun Law

The 20th century brought major changes to Texas gun laws.  They include:

  • Texas began to pass more restrictive gun laws in the early 20th In 1917, the state passed a law that prohibited certain classes of people from owning guns, including felons, people with mental illness, and minors. The law also required guns to be registered with the state.
  • In the 1970s, Texas began to relax its gun laws, allowing citizens to carry handguns openly in some places. This law was known as the “open carry” law. In 1995, Texas passed a law that allowed citizens to carry concealed handguns in certain places. This law was known as the “concealed carry” law.

Gun Laws in the 21st Century -- Relaxing of Restrictive Gun Laws in Texas

In the 21st century, Texas has continued to have some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country. In 2013, the state passed a law that allowed citizens to openly carry handguns in public places. This law was known as the “open carry” law. In 2015, the government of the state of Texas passed a law that allowed citizens to carry concealed handguns in any place, with certain restrictions. This law was known as the “campus carry” law.

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As the above narrative illustrates, Texas has a long and complex history of gun law, and the state continues to be one of the most relaxed states in the country when it comes to gun ownership. But this doesn’t mean that Texas citizens, and those passing through the state, are not wrongfully charged with gun crimes.  Many Texans also face potential aggravated charges for gun use or possession and need the best defense to keep charges and penalties from becoming more severe. An overzealous prosecutor can turn a less-serious charge into a more serious charge when a gun is in the picture.

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