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5 Myths About Going into Business with Family

5 Myths About Going into Business with Family

Starting a business with family members can be both rewarding and challenging. While the prospect of working alongside loved ones may seem appealing, there are common myths and misconceptions surrounding family business ventures. At Gallian Firm, as civil litigation lawyers with extensive experience in handling contract disputes, including those involving contract disputes among family members, we aim to debunk these myths to provide a realistic perspective on what to expect when going into business with relatives.

Myth 1: Family Businesses are Less Professional

One prevalent myth is that family businesses lack professionalism compared to non-family enterprises. The assumption is that emotions may cloud judgment, leading to a more relaxed and unprofessional work environment. In reality, the success of a family business often hinges on maintaining a high level of professionalism. Clear communication, defined roles, and a commitment to excellence can foster a professional atmosphere, ensuring the success of the business while maintaining family relationships.

Professionalism is crucial in any business setting, and family businesses are no exception. Establishing clear expectations and boundaries from the outset can help maintain a professional work environment, enabling the business to thrive.  

Myth 2: Family Businesses Always Lead to Strained Relationships

There’s a common misconception that going into business with family members will inevitably strain personal relationships. While family business conflicts may arise, they are not exclusive to family businesses. In fact, many family businesses thrive when conflicts are effectively managed through open communication and the establishment of clear roles and responsibilities.  Family members may see a lack of resolution as not an option, because the harmony among family is more important. This can lead to resolution of a dispute which may not have occurred without the family relationship.

Successful family businesses prioritize open communication and conflict resolution. By addressing issues head-on and establishing effective methods for resolving conflicts, family members can work together harmoniously and strengthen their relationships in both personal and professional contexts.

Myth 3: Family Businesses Lack Professionalism in Decision-Making

Another myth suggests that decision-making in family businesses is often emotional and lacks the rationality found in non-family enterprises. In reality, successful family businesses implement structured decision-making processes that consider the best interests of the business. Disputes can occur when a framework is not well established.  By establishing a clear decision-making framework and separating personal emotions from business decisions, family businesses can make sound choices that contribute to long-term success.

Decision-making in family businesses can be just as, if not more, rational and strategic as in non-family businesses. By implementing clear processes and maintaining a focus on the business’s objectives, family members can ensure that decisions are made with the best interests of the company in mind.

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Myth 4: Family Members Will Always Agree on Business Matters

As contract attorneys, the assumption that family members will always be in agreement when it comes to business decisions is a myth that can lead to unrealistic expectations.  No one agrees on everything, family or not. Disagreements are a natural part of any business, and family businesses are no exception. However, the key to success lies in how conflicts are managed and resolved.

Disagreements are normal in any business setting, and family businesses are not immune to differing opinions. The crucial factor is how conflicts are handled. Successful family businesses establish effective communication channels and processes for resolving disagreements, ensuring that decisions are made collectively and with the best interests of the business in mind.

Myth 5: Family Businesses are More Prone to Legal Disputes

There’s a misconception that family businesses are more susceptible to legal disputes, especially when it comes to contracts and business agreements. While it’s true that conflicts may arise, this is not exclusive to family businesses. Legal disputes can occur in any business setting, and they are often unrelated to the familial nature of the enterprise.

Legal disputes can happen in any business, regardless of whether it involves family members or not. To mitigate the risk of disputes, family businesses should prioritize clear and well-drafted contracts, along with seeking legal advice when needed. Proactive legal guidance can prevent misunderstandings and provide a solid foundation for a successful business.

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