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4 Questions to Ask the best Dallas DWI Attorney

4 Major Questions to Ask your Dallas DWI Attorney

Have you been arrested on DWI charges in Dallas, Texas and need a Dallas DWI Attorney? Every year, over 80,000 people are arrested for driving while intoxicated in Texas. Many of these individuals fail to employ a top Dallas DWI lawyer and are convicted on these charges.

In Texas, DWI convictions can result in harsh penalties, even on the 1st offense. Do not try to handle these allegations on your own. Hiring an experienced DWI attorney like Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm will help you build a strong defense to fight back.  Gallian will aggressively fight to protect your rights and keep you free.  In the case of a DWI charge, hiring top legal counsel is the smartest move you can make.

An experienced DWI attorney like Gallian Firm offers a free consultation to discuss your charges before agreeing to represent your case. During this time, the defense attorney will review the specific charges, evidence, and other circumstances that are involved. Your free legal consultation is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions to determine whether your DWI lawyer is qualified to handle your case and about the potential complexities or possible defenses in your case.

The following questions were developed to provide you with a few ideas for important questions to ask the best Dallas DWI Attorney.

Ask these questions during the consultation and take notes to remind yourself of any important key points that are addressed.

1). Have You Handled DWI Cases Similar to Mine?

Hiring an experienced Dallas DWI attorney significantly increases the likelihood of attaining a positive outcome in your case. Ask prospective DWI attorneys if they have handled cases with similar circumstances to yours in the past.

If so, ask them to describe these experiences, including case dismissal rates, defense strategies utilized, and any barriers that may have arisen during the legal process.

2). What Defense Strategies May Be Effective for My Case?

Texas prosecutors will need to prove that all the elements of a DWI are applicable in your case to obtain a conviction.  Your DWI defense lawyer’s job is to build an effective defense strategy to fight back against these allegations.

There are several potential defense strategies that an experienced Dallas DWI lawyer may utilize to fight back against these charges. 

Potential Defense Strategies for DWI Charges in Texas Could Include:

best Dallas DWI lawyer
  • Defendant was Not Impaired
  • Defendant Did Not Operate a Motorized Vehicle
  • Defendant was Forced to Drive Under the Influence
  • Faulty Breathalyzer
  • Violation of Constitutional Rights

Your DWI lawyer will need to review the circumstances involved to determine which of these strategies would be the most effective in your case. An experienced criminal may even be able to have charges dropped before a court date or lessened if a lack of sufficient evidence exists.

3). Do You Have Time to Fully Dedicate to My Case?

Less experienced DWI lawyers are notorious for taking on too many cases. This is unethical and results in sloppy, weak, and ineffective legal representation. In most cases, DWI lawyers that take on too many assignments will also avoid going to court at all costs, which may not be in your interest.

A good defense lawyer understands how serious these charges are to you, your family, and your future.  Ask the prospective DWI lawyer if he/she has the time and resources to fully dedicate to your case. Assess their commitment based on their reactions to your inquiries.

4). What are the Potential Outcomes for My DWI Charges?

During your consultation, ask your prospective Dallas DWI lawyer about potential outcomes in your case. A reputable DWI defense attorney will provide you will honest legal advice regarding the criminal charges that you are facing.

There are a wide range of potential outcomes that could occur in your case, depending on the severity of your charges. For example, a 1st time DWI charge could be dismissed or probated with the help of an experienced DWI lawyer.

However, subsequent offenses and aggravated charges could result in mandatory prison sentencing, without a solid defense strategy. A good DWI criminal defense lawyer has the skills, knowledge, and experience to assess the specific circumstances in your case and build a strong defense strategy.

Experienced DWI Defense Attorney Dallas

You deserve to have the boldest defense strategy in your corner. Remember that it is never too late to reach out to a more experienced criminal defense attorney, regardless of your status with another firm. 

Choose an honest and experienced DWI lawyer to ensure that you receive accurate, honest, and sound legal advice in your case. Call Gallian Firm today at 214-432-8860 to allow an experienced DWI lawyer to build a case and fight for you. Gallian Firm has helped hundreds of clients throughout Dallas, Texas beat serious DWI charges.

The sooner that you reach out to Gallian Firm, the sooner that an experienced DWI lawyer can begin working on your case. Reach out today for a free case review.


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