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Meet Alexandra Templeton
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Professional and educational background

Alexandra Templeton received her  Bachelor of Technology at State University of New York at Cobleskill (Dean’s List) and her Masters of Science in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) at Stevenson University. 

Personal Statement

A hardworking and passionate individual are some of many traits you can use to begin to describe Alexandra. From a young age she was raised with grit and determination to fight for what she believes in and hold on dearly to the things she loves.


A Long Island, NY native girl with a fare of southern hospitality best describes “Alex”. Alex has a passion for the outdoors and collecting antique items such as furniture and statement pieces. She also loves reading the next big novel or listening to the classic rock album’s we all were raised on.


From waitressing and veterinarian positions to archeology and crime studies Alex continues to build her knowledge with an unquenched thirst for more. She joined the Gallian firm after working in real estate law. She grew an interest in the administrative side of law and enjoys working alongside clients to help them work through the complicated legal system. 


Understanding law in practical real-world use was one of Alex’s many goals while working in this field. Criminal defense plays a pivotal role in the justice system, and it is one of the numerous rungs to climb on the ladder of law. Alex continues to motivate herself and others to better help clients and be an asset in their judicial journey.


From a young age, I was raised with grit and a determination to fight for what I believe in.  I apply this fight to the defense of each and every one of Gallian Firm clients who put their trust in us.